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The International Jewelry in China.

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We still receive publications about SIERAAD Art Fair 2013.

This publication is from; The International Jewelry in China. The magazine is sponsored by People’s Daily of China, which has both international and national standard serial numbers.

Edelmetaal Jan.2014

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Beautiful publication in Edelmetaal Jan.2014 about SIERAAD Art Fair 2013. This year the writer Joke Sants took Dutch participants. Edelmetaal is THE magazine for jewelers and jeweler shops.

A not to be missed exhibition!! THE GIJS+EMMY SPECTACLE.

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22 FEB – 3 AUG 2014

Fashion and Jewelry design by Gijs Bakker and Emmy van Leersum 1967–1972.

In the late 1960s, these designers revolutionized the design world with their avant-garde jewelry and clothing. Multidisciplinary installations present Gijs+Emmy’s innovative jewelry and clothing designs for the modern woman (and man). The installations are inspired by the legendary fashion show at the Stedelijk Museum in 1967, the happening at gallery Art & Project in 1970, and the dance production Mutations. –

See more at:

A new year 2014.

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If you want to participate in SIERAAD Art Fair, in 2014, we ask you to do the following:

* send us 9 -12 high resolution pictures on a white background (330 dpi about 12 x 12 cm)

* thereby also send your CV + artist’s statement

* all to be send to; with

* Do all this before April 25, 2014, we will inform you of our findings in approximately 2-3 weeks after we received the wetransfer map.

Looking forward receiving your information & pictures of your work!

Ariane Ernst: toptalent

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Ariane Ernst: toptalent

SIERAAD is full of Firsts, like the work of Ariane Ernst (Germany). She has only just received her master’s from the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf. Ernst is busy creating a distinct profile for herself in conscientious and innovating ways. Allmut Ariane Ernst has already designed four collections and she pulls off what only few others manage: all four collections are strong in concept and execution. In ‘Brilliant’ Ernst translates the facets of diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowski (1919) into a series of rings with different interplays of lines in the ribs. When it is not worn, each ring (in gold-plated steel) sits like a pistil in a flower of mirrors, so that all sides (metaphorical facets) are reflected. ‘S.o.l’ stands for ‘Symbols of life’ (chrome, steel, gold-plated). Ernst translated character types and core qualities into symbols. From this coded language you select the symbols that represent the path of your life. By asking a number of questions Ernst leads you to the symbols that go with your life. There is no obligation, you can also do it intuitively. ‘Hubs’ is a series of necklaces whose hanging is determined by forked and therefore directional segments. The elements are made of 3D printed polyamide, hand lacquered and threaded onto string. The work is based on the geometrical-abstract and kinetic art of the Venezuelan artist Gertrude Goldschmidt (1912-1994). ‘Looping’ is the counterpart of ‘Hubs’. In this series (steel, powder coating, gold-plated) the pivot is dynamic, causing small changes in the shape of the necklace when it is worn.

Ariane Ernst Nationality: German 


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Is the new theme for the next edition of the biennial international design contest and (travelling) exhibition New Traditional Jewellery. It is a theme you can approach at a meta-level or simply very intimately and personally. You can look at ‘confrontations’ from many angles: on a worldwide scale (climate changes, distribution of wealth, waste management, for example) or as the reaction to an inner dialogue. Confrontations are hard to ignore and force you to have an opinion. At times they may turn your entire life upside down. We often link confrontations to coming to terms with something, to solving a problem and joining the fray. It is a word often used in court, war, politics, psychology and sports. Check for the terms and conditions and entry criteria.

The contest and subsequent (travelling) exhibition is always linked to a topical theme: Folklore (2006), Symbols of Faith (2007), Intimacy (2008), True colours (2010), New Nomads (2012). The objective is to present international contemporary jewellery design to a wide public and to bridge the history of jewellery and the present.

Winner Maryvonne Wellen

Maryvonne Wellen (Holland), one of the winners in the category students of the 2012 edition New Nomads, presents herself at SIERAAD for the first time. Last year she was still a master’s student Applied Arts and Design at the Fachhochschule Düsseldorf and her necklace ‘portrait of a clan member’ was the winning entry. “I collected pictures of ethnographic jewellery from all continents and combined these in a mask-like collage. A mask is a universal shape which you can find all over the world in past and present. It covers the face and in doing so also the identity of the wearer, while at the same time the mask itself also provides an identity”, says Wellen. “This piece of jewellery bridges the gap between ethnography and the space age”, is how the jury of NTJ judged her entry. At SIERAAD Wellen will show new work evolving out of her winning piece “clan member’.

Nationality: Dutch

Impression 2013

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Pictures of SIERAAD Art Fair 2013

Catalogue / magazine

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Due to the great success, all catalogues SIERAAD ART FAIR 2013 are sold out! We are so sorry, next year November 6 – 9  2014.

More information about SIERAADS AMERICAN MONDAY.

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Take part in 5 inspiring visual and substantive presentations where American jewellery artists allow you a generous glimpse behind the scenes – and all this in one day.

This is focal point of SIERAAD SYMPOSIUM on Monday November 11th, the day after SIERAAD Art Fair. The symposium will be open to everybody: from student to professional and from aficionado to hobbyist. SIERAAD SYMPOSIUM promises to be a memorable day. Ten American artists (all with a master’s degree) will tell us more about their inspiration, choice of materials, work processes, techniques and other ‘tricks of the trade’. They will do this using a selection of their own work and film/photo material. As diverse as their work is, so will the presentations vary in length and approach. It is therefore not possible to program all presentations one after the other, so they have been divided into two groups. We have tried to do this on an equal basis going by the artists’ interpretation of ideas, use of materials and techniques. Those interested can indicate their preference for one group and your wishes will be taken into account as much as possible. However, if one group is fully booked, you will automatically be assigned to the other cluster.

More information and pictures


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Per person € 15,00

For 2 days € 20,00 p.p. (incl. 1 magazine)

Discount of 2,50

65+                                            € 12,50 p.p.

Students with studentcard: € 12,50 p.p.

(we only admit 1 discount action p.p.)

Magazine/catalogus €  2,50 during the fair,  after the fair € 8,50

children under 12 (accompanied by adults) free.