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Impression 2013

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Pictures of SIERAAD Art Fair 2013

Catalogue / magazine

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Due to the great success, all catalogues SIERAAD ART FAIR 2013 are sold out! We are so sorry, next year November 6 – 9  2014.

More information about SIERAADS AMERICAN MONDAY.

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Take part in 5 inspiring visual and substantive presentations where American jewellery artists allow you a generous glimpse behind the scenes – and all this in one day.

This is focal point of SIERAAD SYMPOSIUM on Monday November 11th, the day after SIERAAD Art Fair. The symposium will be open to everybody: from student to professional and from aficionado to hobbyist. SIERAAD SYMPOSIUM promises to be a memorable day. Ten American artists (all with a master’s degree) will tell us more about their inspiration, choice of materials, work processes, techniques and other ‘tricks of the trade’. They will do this using a selection of their own work and film/photo material. As diverse as their work is, so will the presentations vary in length and approach. It is therefore not possible to program all presentations one after the other, so they have been divided into two groups. We have tried to do this on an equal basis going by the artists’ interpretation of ideas, use of materials and techniques. Those interested can indicate their preference for one group and your wishes will be taken into account as much as possible. However, if one group is fully booked, you will automatically be assigned to the other cluster.

More information and pictures


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Per person € 15,00

For 2 days € 20,00 p.p. (incl. 1 magazine)

Discount of 2,50

65+                                            € 12,50 p.p.

Students with studentcard: € 12,50 p.p.

(we only admit 1 discount action p.p.)

Magazine/catalogus €  2,50 during the fair,  after the fair € 8,50

children under 12 (accompanied by adults) free.

The first episode of Avro’sKunstuur.

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If you want to see the first episode of SIERAAD Makers, with Marc Lange and Sarah Kobak, at Avro’s Kunstuur:

Lots of publicity for SIERAAD 2013

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On the day after SIERAAD, Monday November 11th, the first SIERAAD SYMPOSIUM will be held.  When such a strong delegation comes to Holland from the USA, it is worth the effort to combine their presentations at SIERAAD with a special symposium, where artists can go more deeply into their work and techniques. One artist will do this by means of an extensive powerpoint, others (among whom Julian Moore) will give a fantastic lesson in her way of working. More to come but you can put Monday the 11th in your schedule! More information: 

Beste lezer, Dear reader,

If you would like to be there…….we have only 36 places for the lecture day Monday 11. November at the WesterGasfabriek, Westergasterras, de Westerunie/Westerliefde in Amsterdam, if you have questions,

Als je erbij wilt zijn…..snel inschrijven we hebben nog slechts 36 plaatsten. Als je vragen hebt,

3 times jewellery makers on Nat.TV.

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SIERAAD on National TV in the programmme ‘Kunstuur’

During the past few weeks Avro’s Kunstuur has once again turned the spotlights on professional contemporary jewellery designers in the third miniseries of ‘Makers & Wearers’. The work of these designers can be seen and bought at SIERAAD. During the fair all three series will be run continuously on a large screen.

This year items were made with: Marc Lange, Sarah Kobak, Hester Zagt, Jantien Kroeze, Kirsten Kircher en Natalie Hoogeveen.

Dates for television:  12/10, 19/10 en 26/10 en 2/11. Saturday at 17.00 hours at Nederland 2.

If you want to see the previous items (2011 and 2012):

NTJ 2014

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NTJ 2014 CONFRONTATIONS   New Traditional Jewellery, International design contest and (travelling) exhibition

NTJ’s raison d’être:

“All human joys and burdens have been materialized in jewellery,” according to art historian Marjan Unger. Jewellery marks every crossroads in our life, every highlight and every loss. If jewellery accompanies us every step of the way, how can we use it to improve our quality of life?

The technical jury of New Traditional Jewellery (NTJ) has selected the theme “CONFRONTATIONS” for the 2014 design contest and exhibition.

Confrontations may carry different meanings: on a grand scale (climate changes, distribution of wealth, waste management, for example) or in a private inner dialogue: there is a lot we are confronted with. Confrontations are often hard to ignore and force you to have an opinion. Some of them may even be life-changing.

Confrontations also mean coming to grips with problematic situations, tackling a problem head-on (taking the bull by the horns) and facing the music. It’s a word commonly used in sports, politics, psychology and war.

This is by no means a complete inventory of the ways ‘CONFRONTATIONS’ can be understood. We are just scratching the surface; it’s up to you to confront us with your interpretation.  What is confronting to you? What is it you want to confront us with? So here’s the challenge: translate your take on ‘CONFRONTATIONS’ into jewellery design.

As in all prior editions of New Traditional Jewellery, we ask contemporary professional jewellery designers to base their design on an inspirational source. This source of inspiration can range from ethnographic jewellery to personal history or current events and trends with relevance to CONFRONTATIONS.

On behalf of the technical jury, the executive committee of the jury wishes all participants much inspiration and success!

Astrid Berens, Director SIERAAD Art Fair &  Isabella van den Bos, chairwoman of Foundation Art in Business.

More information and participation form, design form downloads on:

Sneak Peek to SAF 2013

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