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SIERAAD is Storytelling

2020 – and 19 years ago SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair was launched. During those 19 years we have realized an incredibly beautiful and internationally acclaimed event, in cooperation with participants from all parts of the world. It is an event where the professionalization of the jewellery designer/artist has been and still is the key priority.

In these past years we have welcomed many hundreds of jewellery makers as participants, some of whom have been with us from day one and still come and present their work during those four days in November.

The last few years we have also seen an increasingly large group of participants for whom the tradition of taking part, presenting themselves and their work plus the yearly meeting with their regular clients is essential.

We have noticed that for many young participants taking part in SIERAAD is an addition to their CV, the reason for which may be that we maintain a high standard and that this is recognized at an international level.

 We may conclude that our approach towards professionalization has been successful in that a growing number of participants nowadays have a shop of their own or have frequently found their way to collectors, museumshops and international galleries; here they meet a far wider and especially new target group which they would not have met without their participation in SIERAAD.

This is certainly something that Astrid and I are very proud of!

 Jewellery has come to us from the past as an important symbol bearer and as part of traditional costumes, but its development has changed to such an extent that the crafts involved have moved into the direction of art.

Whether or not using old techniques, but certainly through the application of new materials and techniques this development has not stood still. A piece of jewellery is a story created by the maker, the buyer and or wearer will add a new story that makes a piece of jewellery dear and personal.

 The ongoing internationalization of SIERAAD has given de participants some idea about what is created in other countries with different traditions; it is therefore a wonderful thing to 

observe that participants do not see each other as competitors but as colleagues and that special friendships have been formed.

In fact, to many taking part in SIERAAD means a kind of annual reunion, seeing colleagues again, but more importantly: their clients with whom they have established a relationship over the years – buyers who more or less closely follow the developments of artists and their work.

All this is what we hoped for when we started in 2001 and what has become reality.

In 2008 we moved to the Gashouder of Westergas in Amsterdam, which was a wise decision – the unique building, a piece of cultural heritage turned out to be the ideal combination for SIERAAD.

The last few years we have reserved the central axis of the building for a special exhibition, where not only special collections are on display, but the work of up-and-coming talents is also presented.

We maintain close contacts with several academies and want to give students the possibility of getting to know the practice of entrepreneurship.  A more recent development has been the programme of lectures that is presented during the days of the fair, with topics like technique, collecting, history, gems and many items that have to do with the extent of the art of jewellery.

We hope to be able to continue the organization of SIERAAD for a long time to come and that you, as a visitor, will time and again find inspiration at the fair.

It is not just consumers, but also curators of museums and collectors that find their way to SIERAAD ART FAIR.
SIERAAD Art Fair is organized by: 
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