Classic with a scoop of 2022.

Classic with a scoop of 2022.

Classic and a scoop of 2022.

By: Saskia van Es

Some designers are lucky enough to have an exquisite sense of design plus the technical skills to execute it perfectly. These four artists work with the classic jewellery materials gold, silver, precious stones and pearls. They use age-old goldsmithing techniques. And they add a scoop of 2022.

With her technical talent, Aletta Teunen has control over gold and gemstones, which is clearly visible in her most recent work. Look closely, you’ll notice! Miniature canal houses form the studs of earrings or decorate the setting of a stone in a ring.

Joke Dubbeldam makes work inspired by plant leaves. Don’t forget to look at the chain on which her pendants hang. A repetition of scaly leaves that end in a ball, so that they hook into each other. She herself believes that such imaginative designs can arise from the many historical artefacts she has held in her hands as a restorer.

The cultures of her Colombian ancestors play a part in Vanessa Montoya Lopera’s work. Just like the materials used there. Gold was worked long before the Spaniards came to South America. To add colour, Vanessa uses all kinds of stones and pearls. But the emerald remains her favourite, because she can express the colour of pure nature with it.

 As if cut black diamonds aren’t special enough, AMMA Jewelry uses pearls that are faceted. The facets allow the light to fall into the pearl, creating a special shine. And all that combined with an ancient technique: filigree. This is a construction of tiny, flat strips of gold that are first twisted. This creates a ripple that makes the light sparkle in all directions.


Aletta Teunen

Ring Willemstad zilver

Alliance –aanschuifring

18 kt witgoud met saffier fancy colors

Joke Dubbeldam


Vanessa Montoya Lopera

Süi oorbellen zijn gemaakt van 14k geel goud met natuurlijke zoetwate parels, Colombiaanse smaragd kralen en toermalijnen.

Amma Jewelry

Pendant, gold and facetted pearl

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