Connecting with nature

Connecting with nature

By: Saskia van Es

Spanish Bego Fuente was an English teacher. Until she decided to get away from the digital world and reconnect with her creative side. She is now a professional jewellery maker. And according to plan, she makes all her unique pieces herself, by hand. For her, the strenght lies in pieces that are both beautiful and rough or uneven. 

Bego Fuente is captivated by the concept of ‘biophilia’. It’s about the idea that all humans are drawn to nature (of which, of course, we ourselves are a part). To make this essential connection tangible, she started playing with silicone, pigment and cotton. The result is bold and characterful jewellery, reminiscent of lichen. You have an immediate urge to touch them. When you see such a piece, or wear it yourself, you feel connected to the life forms around us. With this work – which won a prestigious Brazilian jewellery prize – Bego Fuente hopes to offer peace and shelter. 

Winner FIO Contest in Brazil.

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