Management SIERAAD with lumps in their throats.

A standing ovation and a monumental anniversary necklace

“Astrid and Maarten, can you please come here for a minute?” Not quite understanding what was in store for them, Astrid Berens & Maarten Bodt, the managers of SIERAAD, were surrounded by the exhibitors who gave them a standing ovation last Thursday, November 3rd.  That was lump (in the throat) 1.

Cees Post (jewellery artist, the Nestor of the fair and exhibitor from the very beginning) had the honour of addressing Berens and Bodt. He reviewed the ten years of history of the fair (lump 2) ending with a climax. A climax in a briefcase. “I’ll just put this down for a minute” said Astrid (lump 3) when she carefully opened the lid and realized what the contents were.

From the briefcase came an almost endless monumental necklace (lump 4), to which 35 exhibitors from home and abroad had all contributed one unique link of their own design. Ten years of SIERAAD Art Fair in one necklace. The current state of affairs in contemporary jewellery design in one necklace. The appreciation and respect of the exhibitors for Berens and Bodt in one necklace.

The anniversary necklace was an initiative of the hard core of exhibitors and was created in the greatest secrecy over the past six months (lump 5). The result is as moving as it is stunning. During the four days of the fair Astrid Berens wore the anniversary necklace like a chain of office. She did not get very far. Every few meters she was stopped by either admiring visitors or exhibitors (lump 6).

A more beautiful award – literally and figuratively – there is not.

Isabella van den Bos.

V.l.n.r. Maarten Bodt, Astrid Berens, Cees Post en Ineke.

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