6 September 2016

by Isabella van den Bos

A ring that lets you see and feel the heartbeat of your loved one and in real time too! An ideal piece of jewellery for people with a (long distance) relationship who want a romantic addition to FaceTime and Skype!

The HB (Heart Beat) Ring of The Touch looks like a minimalist designed sturdy unisex ring. Executed in stainless steel or rose gold with a scratch-proof high-gloss jet-black surface. The ring has a heartbeat sensor and sends your signal to the partner ring with light and vibrations.

Contact is made using an app via Bluetooth via your internet-connected telephone. It is just a matter of putting the ring on your finger, tap on the ring (which means a request for the heartbeat is sent) and seconds later a red line will appear and the ring will vibrate with the heartbeat of your partner.

The HB Ring is a successful combination of high-tech, emotion and design which lets you know –that very moment – that your loved one is still alive.

Which brings us to the key question: what if the battery is dead or there is no wifi? Not to worry, your loved one is proably not dead. ( you might want to make sure and send a Whatsapp to find out if everything is ok…)

The price of one set is US$599. If you want to make an unforgettable impression, you have to be quick, though. When this article went to press only 348 out of the 1000 available sets were still available.

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