Jakubowski and Vlasblom are two talented goldsmiths with a beautiful studio shop located in a monumental building in the picturesque town of Buren in the Betuwe region. They operate at the intersection of classical beauty and modern design, embodying craftsmanship, originality, and unparalleled artistic creations in gold, silver, and titanium. Their style is distinctive and timeless, with a classical touch that sets their work apart. At Jakubowski and Vlasblom, you won’t find ordinary jewelry but rather treasures that speak to the imagination and touch the soul. They have courage and embrace challenges from life, their clients, and various themes. They constantly strive to push their boundaries and explore new horizons, ensuring surprises along the way. Their willingness to experiment and their determination to continuously challenge themselves result in surprising and innovative creations. At Jakubowski and Vlasblom, every piece is an exciting adventure, as they constantly seek new ways to define and experience beauty. Like the new series: Melodies in Gold. Discover the enchanting harmony between sound and beauty, where each piece of jewelry tells a story inspired by the depth and splendor of classical music.


The text describes the song “Im Abendrot,” part of Strauss’ final compositions, the “Four Last Songs,” written in 1948. The poem, by Joseph von Eichendorff, holds deep significance for Strauss and is considered a monument to his life. The song reflects on the transience of time and the beauty of the moment, and with this cycle, Strauss leaves behind a lasting legacy that celebrates the power of art and the human spirit.

Let our ring guide you on a journey to inner peace and serenity as you embrace the beautiful melodies of twilight. True tranquility is within reach for those who have the courage to pause and enjoy. With four pages stretching like the vast sky, the heart of the ring captures the magical moments of the lush sunset and the falling of dusk, surrounded by a brilliant starry sky. It’s a tribute to the quiet magic of the night, promising peace, serenity, and solace.

Design crafted in: 18 karat yellow gold, garnet and diamond



This work, a pinnacle of the period around 1900, encapsulates a journey from deep depression to rediscovering light and success. It’s an emotional rollercoaster where we experience human suffering and doubt, but also resilience and hope. It remindus that even in our darkest moments, the light of hope and perseverance is present, waiting to be discovered.

Interpretation:                                                                                                     In our ring, the desolate and confusing state is represented by the Pyrite. As life unfolds again, confidence and light return. This transformation ultimately leads to crowning achievement and success, and darkness evolves into triumph. The number 7 (the seven diamonds) symbolizes rest… like a day of rest after a process of creation. It represents the serenity and calmness that follow a fruitful period of activity. The number 5 (the five diamonds) embodies the liveliness and vitality of life itself, full of strength and enthusiasm. Together, these two numbers form a harmonious balance between rest and activity, between contemplation and zest for life, reflecting the rhythm of life.

Design crafted in: 18 karat gold, Pyrite, and diamonds


1830/1832. Dedicated to the Belgian concert pianist Marie Pleyel. A masterpiece  of intimacy, poetry, and melancholy, infused with nostalgia for homeland, love, friendship, and solitude. With each vibration of the keys, a world of emotion is evoked, taking the soul on a journey through the shadows of the night. A tale of deep longing and memory, an echo of the deepest feelings that connect us to our origins, our loved ones, and the world around us.  

In our ring design, the keys of Chopin’s music are honored, with the transition from staccato to legato reflecting the dynamics of his compositions.

The sparkle of the diamonds represents the magic of his compositions and the immortal beauty and brilliance of Chopin’s masterpieces. The gold ball in the ring is a tribute to Chopin’s timeless legacy and a celebration of the emotions and passions that make his music unforgettable.

Design crafted in: 18 karat yellow gold and white gold, diamonds.



Title song from the film “Youth” by Paolo Sorrentino. Written for this film and sung by Sumi Jo. A poignant film celebrating the meeting of two old friends, infused with nostalgic reflections on the splendor of their youth. An ode to youth that lives on in the hearts of aging souls. A reminder that even in the gray hairs of old age, the sparkle of youthfulness and vitality never fades.

The ring tells the story of life itself – a tale of transformation and continual evolution. Infused with symbolism, constructed from four lifelines representing the eternal cycle of the  seasons. As an homage to youth, a pearl radiates at the heart of the ring. Symbolizing its ttimeless beauty, the brown diamond serves as a powerful emblem for a life lived with fullness and satisfaction, imbued with experience and wisdom

Design Crafted in: 18 karat yellow gold, freshwater pearl, and brown diamond.


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