Mindf*ck 1

16 March 2016

Mindf*ck 1  

by Isabella van den Bos

Magic happens if what you see is not what you get. It started with a classic fire truck in front of the monumental Neue Sammlung in Munich. The truck was in fact a mobile gallery featuring Common Ground with jewellery by Helen Clara Hemsley, Chiquita Nahar and Carla Nuis. And the latter has a delicious way of putting you on the wrong track…  Take for example the monumental necklace with 27 classic gourmet-links made in linen, adorned with embroidery in precious and hard to come by Japanese kimono-yarns, wounded with pure gold. You think linen so it must be light to wear: wrong again. Nuis filled her links with flax-fibers, a dense mass that made this necklace a 1-kilo heavyweight. Looking at ‘HollowVolumeTubeRing’ you think boring/seen it 100x/let’s move on… You couldn’t be more wrong. Nuis: “These rings are all hollow: it’s literally air surrounded by a thin layer of silver. By wearing them you shape them, they get dented. So the owner personalizes the ring with some beautiful and unique wear & tear. The prizes are determined with a mathematic formula according to volume, so I really do sell air,” concludes Nuis with a big smile. If you missed Common Ground, you can find Nuis’ work at Galerie Marzee in Nijmegen.

DSCN3894 CN HVTRings 3 DSCN3888


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