‘Potato’ in the Synagoge in Buren.

The group, named “Potato,” seeks to uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary, drawing inspiration from the humble potato’s transformative nature. With diverse members contributing unique perspectives, they explore varied themes in jewelry, challenging norms and delving into emotional connections. Their playful approach ensures projects which are both informative and engaging. As a collective, they aim to showcase their concepts globally through exhibitions and shows, inviting others to join us on a journey of discovery. We are POTATO – come travel with us!

The six different artists each bring a unique approach and focus to their artworks:

Potato Collective: A diverse group of artists with backgrounds from China, Ghana, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Ireland. They explore various themes such as self-discovery, emotional connections, cultural identity, and challenging beauty standards. Potato approaches art playfully, inviting curiosity and conversation about the diverse nature of their projects.

Bill Abu-Sakyi: A 31-year-old artist from Ghana who believes that harsh truths, unlikely conversations, and emotions can be conveyed through jewelry and design. His works explore various materials and tell stories about his cultural background, personal identity, and the quest to connect with the true self.

Julija Dobrojezzeva: An artist driven by the profound interaction between identity and tangibility. Her jewelry explores the fluidity of social interactions and spontaneity of individuality, using silicone and aluminum to embody flexibility and strength.

Erik Lijzenga: His art focuses on investigating objects he collects, transforming broken everyday items and exploring their stories. His work highlights the beauty of brokenness and the reinterpretation of materials.

Helena Renner: She explores the beauty ideal in Western societies and its impact on individuals. Helena manipulates ready-mades, such as shapewear and underwear, to create new meanings and lighten the overall aesthetic.

Miriam Strake: Her work revolves around simple geometric and architectural forms, creating shadows with a play of light and shade. She experiments with unconventional materials and blends them with traditional elements, resulting in pieces that radiate both joy and vibrancy.

Ye Wang: The creation process for Ye Wang is both exciting and challenging. She values moments of self-reflection and appreciates sharp criticism as sincere feedback. Her story includes opportunities amid dramatic changes and the decision to follow the inner voice when making choices.

Miriam Strake 

Titel: Spuren – Ring III Type: ring
Material: rockcrystal, resin Year: 2024

Helena Renner 

Wounded , ready-made bodysuit, garnets, thread,  Size: 260x570mm  Type: Bodysuit Technique: Sewing Year: 2024

Julija Dobrojezzeva

Aura | Necklace | Silicone, aluminium Chain |2023

Bill Abu-Sakyi

GOOD OMEN- Brooch Series | Brooch | Bill Abu-Sakyi | Kente Cloth, Copper Sheet, Stainless Steel wire | 2023

Ye Wang

Still Spring | Adjustable pocket clap | Ye Wang | Reconstructed, stone,titanium | 2023

Erik Lijzenga

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