Dieuwke Raats

Discover the Art of Dieuwke Raats: Where Jewelry Narrates Stories

In Dieuwke’s skilled hands, metal transforms into narratives. Her unique jewelry collection, entirely handmade, is more than mere adornment; it symbolizes love, memory, and personal journeys. Each piece from Dieuwke Raats Goldsmith is a personal adventure, an expression of a special moment, a cherished person, or a deeply held thought.

The ligthest jewelry in the world?

The combination of textile and jewellery remains a very strong one. Because textile is so colourful? Because it moulds to the body? Because it is comfortable and protects you? Because it is slow art, made by endlessly repeating certain actions

Nature under a bell jar

Saskia van Es – march 2023

Itir Saran, is an architect and teacher in Turkey and New York. And the designer behind Stella Tundra. She uses found materials from nature as the basis for her pendants. In the kiln the material burns away and is replaced by ceramics.

The ligthest jewelry in the world?

Reuse in grand fashion

SASKIA VAN ES – March 2023

Reuse in grand fashion

They are accessories rather than jewellery in the classic sense. For quite a few years, Michelle Lowe-Holder seems to have one rule of the game: work with materials that are already there. Nitrous oxide canisters picked up off the street, for example. Or very thin birch wood left over from industry

As light as a flutter of butterflies

Saskia van Es – April 2023

Shapes from everyday life and fragments of memories become elegant jewellery with Mayumi Okuyama. A design starts with a flutter of butterflies, for example. The shape of butterflies silhouetted against the sky has such a lightness that your eyes can hardly comprehend it. At Mayumi Okuyama’s workbench, this phenomenon is translated into feathery lines of brass and steel wire. The lines dance around your neck, on your ear or in your hair. Last year she won an important prize in Brazil with it.

Connecting with nature

Saskia van Es – April 2023

Spanish Bego Fuente was an English teacher. Until she decided to get away from the digital world and reconnect with her creative side. She is now a professional jewellery maker. And according to plan, she makes all her unique pieces herself, by hand. For her, the strenght lies in pieces that are both beautiful and rough or uneven. 

Lisa Walker – jewellery star

Liesbeth den Besten February 2023

To celebrate Jewellery’s 20th anniversary, a festive central exhibition will feature the work of Lisa Walker (1967). Her jewellery is odd, humorous and has an enormous freedom. The New Zealand artist has been active for more than 20 years. In her jewellery she uses remnants of our consumers’ society, and waste from her own workshop or that of others.

A message in paper

SASKIA VAN ES – March 2023

Colour, lots of colour, that is the first thing that strikes you about Ronit Cohen’s jewellery. She rolls strips of paper into a cone or cylinder. The resulting beads get a special layer so they can withstand moisture. And then the composing into jewellery begins. Ronit not only strings the cones, she also sets them upright next to each other. This results in beautifully wide bracelets. The artist finds her paper or buys it in shops. But it is also possible to roll photos or personal texts into a bead. The message is known to the wearer. 

The possibilit of new beginnings

Saskia van Es – 23 february 2023

The name Nobahar has Persian origins and means ‘New Spring’. Very appropriate for jewellery that represents new ideas and rebirth. Sogand Nobahar, the artist behind Nobahar Design Milano, is from Tehran and now lives in Italy. Her first bracelet was about violence against women. The cross-section features a lotus flower, symbolising growth from muddy waters to the light. 

The fragile skeleton of a cactus.

SASKIA VAN ES – February 2023

The fragile skeleton of a cactus

Sophie van Dooren is a young jewellery artist. She deals with the theme of fragility. It involves the uncertainties of our times, such as the pressure humanity puts on nature. In 2021, she experienced the floods in her home region of Limburg, the Netherlands

Extranalities – Pictureware

Saskia van Es – 24 mei 2022

Extranalities is a group of established jewellery artists who challenge each other with unusual assignments. The participants have already sent each other something unattractive from their own possessions, to turn into something beautiful. And vice versa. All kinds of assignments, even entire mood boards, ended up on the workbenches of unsuspecting colleagues. 

Unique gold and silver forgings

Saskia van Es – 18 mei 2022

SIERAAD would not be SIERAAD without offering unique gold and silver forgings. The techniques are based on centuries-old craftsmanship. But that does not mean that you cannot be innovative in gold and silver!

Glass Jewellery

Saskia van Es – 18 mei 2022

The characteristics of glass give jewellery something that other materials cannot match. The makers are often double talents: they can both handle glass and make good jewellery.  

Korea is hot

SASKIA VAN ES – April 4 2022

Korea is hot

If there is one country in the spotlight, it is Korea. Pop music, ceramics, design and jewellery are all equally hot. The group of six well-known Korean contemporary jewellery designers, Secon Lab, is no exception. Half of the group bases their work on traditional jewellery materials. The other half explores non-traditional materials such as leather, textiles and plastics. There is a constant exchange between new and established artists in the group. Materials and techniques are critically examined. Does all the work resemble each other in the end? On the contrary. The artistic signature of each group member is strengthened by it.

Classic with a scoop of 2022.

Saskia van Es – 5 april 2022

Some designers are lucky enough to have an exquisite sense of design plus the technical skills to execute it perfectly. These four artists work with the classic jewellery materials gold, silver, precious stones and pearls. They use age-old goldsmithing techniques. And they add a scoop of 2022.

Photos hiding stories behind stories

By: Saskia van Es

You can no longer ask the somewhat stiff-looking ladies and the occasional gentleman. For whom had they made themselves so beautiful? Or even shown some sexy skin? 

Textiles and jewellery: literally a strong combination

By: Saskia Kolff- van Es

The combination of textile and jewellery remains a very strong one. Because textile is so colourful? Because it moulds to the body? Because it is comfortable and protects you? Because it is slow art, made by endlessly repeating certain actions? This year, we can indulge ourselves. At least four artists use the primal material in their jewellery.

Lecture Wallace Chan

By: Saskia Kolff- van Es. | Photos by: Aron Nijs

A technological tour de force – that is what Wallace Chan’s jewellery is. The pieces are large, colorful, studded with hundreds of precious stones and popular among royals and other rich people. The Hong Kong artist is a master in working with titanium and has invented a series of unique techniques and materials.

Golden chemistry between clients,

goldsmiths and Sieraad Art Fair.

By: Esther Doornbusch 

Every year jewellery designers and goldsmiths Mirjam Jakubowski (1958) and René Vlasblom (1955) are present at Sieraad Art Fair: they have been participants from day One. Regular visitors of the fair recognize Mirjam by her wild, red curls and René by his unusual shirts. The two of them make their own, individual work and work together under the labels Casjèh and Mayestic Muse.  

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