This anniversary was an occasion to go back to the roots

10 June 2016

We are proud to announce that SIERAAD will celebrate its 15th anniversary in November with an exceptional exhibition. The fair will feature a special selection from the largest ethnological jewellery collection in Holland. It is the outcome of an inspiring collaboration with the Amsterdam Tropenmuseum, the Ethnological Rijksmuseum in Leiden and the Africa Museum in Berg en Dal.

At a fair where the visitor is surrounded by prominent international contemporary design, occasionally featuring very futuristic touches, we felt this anniversary was an occasion to go back to the roots: to the ethnology of jewellery. Ethnological jewellery originates from and is connected with all possible milestones in life, with traditions, ancestor worship and the use as amulet, talisman and medicine. Jewellery is the bearer of symbols and wearable stories with a fascinating symbolic language.


The merger of the Tropenmuseum, Ethnological Rijksmuseum and Africa Museum in 2014 resulted in a phenomenal collection of some 6000 pieces of jewellery from antiquity to the present day. The SIERAAD exhibition is an opportunity for the new museum organisation to spotlight these cultural treasures in all their glory for the first time. The exhibition is the ‘appetizer’ on an extensive menu of jewellery exhibitions that are planned for the coming years.

The SIERAAD exhibtion is currently being put together. The result must remain a surprise, but we will lift a corner of the veil. Dr. Wonu Veys, curator, focuses on unusual techniques and combinations of materials, which promises great things….

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