Unique gold and silver forgings

Unique gold and silver forgings

Unique gold and silver forgings.

By: Saskia van Es

SIERAAD would not be SIERAAD without offering unique gold and silver forgings. The techniques are based on centuries-old craftsmanship. But that does not mean that you cannot be innovative in gold and silver!

Janneke de Bruijn named her most recent collection after the Hebrew word for beauty: Opus Ada. Many silver chalices together form a necklace. Each element is partly polished, partly matt and sometimes even blackened. When the light falls on them, the play begins.

If you like lively jewellery, don’t forget to look at MOYA by Eline van der Laag. Pearls and diamonds roll back and forth and rings move freely around other rings.

When you look through your eyelashes, you think Maria Kostoni’s jewellery is from ancient times. But closer, you see the twist. Her ‘earjackets’, made of gold with amethyst and citrine, for example, are clearly from today.

More beautiful gemstones can be found in the rings and earrings of Hoogenboom & Bogers. Opal lovers, beware: Hoogenboom & Bogers often use the stone in their designs.

Schneider-Rappel Goldschmiede is another duo, this time from a father and a daughter, working in gold and silver. But not only that. Combinations with rubber, perspex and silicones also occur. They make progressive jewellery that is all constructed from the essential forms: the circle, the square and the triangle.

Opus Ada

Collier Viola, enamelled, silver.


Oyster Ring with rolling pearls.

Maria Kotsoni

Grain earjackets, 18K gold, Amethysts and Citrines.

Hoogenboom & Bogers 

Earrings, Welo opals.

Schneider-Rappel Goldschmiede

Ring and collier.

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