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Sint Lambertuskerk & Synagoge in Buren.

SIERAAD ART FAIR 24-25-26 May 2024

Friday 11.00 -18.00
Saterday 11.00 -18.00
Sunday 11.00 -18.00

Ticket Information 2024

Online Ticket (valid once) per person € 17,00
Online Ticket (valid once) Students + 67+ € 15,00

Ticket at the door PIN only

(valid once)p.p. 

€ 21,00

Ticket at the door, PIN only Students + 67+                (valid once) p.p. 

Free Accompanied child, under age 12

€ 17,50

Pre order your Tickets We can not cancel tickets.
The cloakroom is unmanned and has limited capacity.

Attention: Sunday, May 26th, will be a lively day in Buren! In addition to SIERAAD&FRIENDS, the French Car Day at the Visscher Classique Auto Museum will also take place. This means there will be fewer parking spaces available. The good news? You can enjoy both events! Just be prepared for a bit more crowd.




We understand that the relocation of SIERAAD from Amsterdam to the beautiful town of Buren in the Betuwe may be a change for some visitors. However, we hope that you will also appreciate the charm and unique atmosphere of Buren.

While public transportation to Buren may be less frequent (once every hour), we would like to offer you some options to make your journey easier. In May, the weather is often lovely, and a delightful way to enjoy the countryside is by taking the train and then renting a bike at one of the NS stations nearby. Not only does this give you the opportunity to admire the beautiful surroundings, but it also makes your journey flexible and enjoyable.

We hope that these tips will facilitate your visit to the SIERAAD art fair in Buren and that you will enjoy the unique experience that our new location has to offer.

AMS-TIEL (OV Fiets),4.8176722,10z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c63fb5949a7755:0x6600fd4cb7c0af8d!2m2!1d4.9041389!2d52.3675734!1m5!1m1!1s0x47c658f1c4409bcd:0x9e689cafeb511e7e!2m2!1d5.3340584!2d51.9103889!3e3?entry=ttu

AMS-CULEMBORG (bus to Buren) or AMS- GELDERMALSEN (bus to Buren)

Public transport, car and parking:

Rules for SIERAAD & FRIENDS 21th edition

Visitors and participants should comply with the following rules: No large bags, umbrellas or backpacks may be taken into the exhibition hall, cloakroom € 1,00 per item. Pets not allowed. 

Dogs are not permitted in the fair, with the exception of guide dogs.

  1.  Taking photographs or making films may be done only after receiving permission from the fair organisation or the exhibitor.
  2. Upon departure from the exhibition hall, visitors and participants can be searched by security personnel. Refusal to cooperate can result in police involvement.
  3. Goods which have been purchased at the fair must leave the premises in the packages (not to wear) in which they were purchased. The participant will provide the customer with a proof of purchase (“pass ”) that should be submitted to security personnel at the door. Visitors should also show security personnel at the door any goods they have purchased.
  4. Participants and visitors are not permitted to exit the building through any door other than the main entrance. Failure to comply with this rule can result in losing the use of their badge + 150,00 euro fine
  5. Everyone is required to follow the instructions of the security personnel.
  6. Noncompliance with these rules or engaging in other disruptive behaviour can result in being removed from the exhibition hall.
  7. All participants should wear their badge.
  8. You can only visit SIERAAD Amsterdam if you have a valid admission ticket. The organization is entitled to refuse entry to the fair without stating reasons. If the organization deems it necessary, it is entitled to have people removed from the fair.
  9. It is not permitted, for visitors, to bring and/or use your own food and drinks at the fair.

Bank cards and credit cards:

Although there is no atm at the westergasfabriek, you can pay for your purchase from a participant by going to the information desk where you can use your bank card or credit card. (mastercard, visa and maestro)

Buy tickets online.

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