A message in paper

A message in paper

By: Saskia van Es

Colour, lots of colour, that is the first thing that strikes you about Ronit Cohen’s jewellery. She rolls strips of paper into a cone or cylinder. The resulting beads get a special layer so they can withstand moisture. And then the composing into jewellery begins. Ronit not only strings the cones, she also sets them upright next to each other. This results in beautifully wide bracelets. The artist finds her paper or buys it in shops. But it is also possible to roll photos or personal texts into a bead. The message is known to the wearer.

Ronit Cohen is a busy bee who creates graphic designs, paints, works with textiles and photographs. Not long ago, she gave a workshop on paper beads. That’s when the flame ignited that led to her paper jewellery of today. The transformation from 2D paper to a 3D form continues to fascinate her.

A necklace and a bracelet. Materials: paper, acrylic ink, glossy coating.

A long necklace that can be worn open or folded. It can also be worn as pictured or turned 180 degrees for a different look.

Materials: paper, acrylic ink.

Bracelets: in different colors, and different size. Materials: paper, acrylic ink.

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