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Marjan Unger (1946-2018) was a well known Dutch art historian, writer, curator, teacher, design expert and a collector of jewellery but most of all a very dedicated promoter of jewellery design.

A warm, kind and humorous lady who was always curious and ready to cross boundaries. She was a reseacher, studied art history and completed her doctoral dissertation, but she also did an excellent job to place jewellery in its daily context.  Her broad view on jewellery is reflected in her many publications of which the latest was called ‘Jewellery Matters’. Also the title of a successful symposium held at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in autumn 2017 of which Marjan was one of the organisers. Marjan and her husband Gerard Unger (1942-2018), a world renowned typeface designer, donated a substantial collection of Dutch jewellery  to the Rijksmuseum. 

Sadly Marjan passed away last year. To honour this dear and wise friend the 18th edition of SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair will held a MARJAN UNGER TRIBUTE in cooperation with the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. A special exhibition of thirteen well known jewellery designers and their specific personal design that connects them with the versatile Marjan Unger.  

The participating artists are: Melvin Anderson, Gijs Bakker, Paul Derrez, Mieke Groot,  Maria Hees,  Felieke van der Leest, Chequita Nahar, Willem Noyons,  Evert Nijland,  Ruudt Peters, Marleen Rameckers, Beppe Kessler and Ravage.

The MARJAN UNGER TRIBUTE will be curated by John de Greef, a fashion writer  and dear friend of Marjan. He finds it heartwarming to receive so many enthusiastic reactions from the designers and to hear about the very special place Marjan Unger had in their careers. ‘Everybody reacts with a sincere “It’s a real honour to participate!”. And the same is true for me!’ 

To add lustre to this edition of SAF there will be some special events and striking presentations. The 18th edition of SIERAAD Art Fair, 7-10 November 2019. LOCATION: WESTERGAS Amsterdam. Tickets can be bought during the event at the cash desk, during opening times. Tickets for the fair and the lectures, online will be available from end September 2019.

SIERAAD a very special fair where artists from all over the world sell their jewellery directly and in person to shops, galleries and consumers SIERAAD Art Fair presents; unique, personally designed and crafted pieces of jewellery Here, the emphasis is on jewellery as pieces of art in which ideas are packaged in materials such as rubber, textile, photos, plastics, wood or ceramics, as well as silver and gold. Also on display will be traditional pieces of art produced by contemporary silver and goldsmiths. Artist-designers from all corners of the globe, including highly talented emerging designers from internationally acclaimed academies, will be exhibiting exciting work not found anywhere else.


Lezingen / Lectures

Het lezingenprogramma van de beurs is dit jaar, net als de centrale tentoonstelling, gewijd aan de vorig jaar overleden muze en sieradenpromotor Marjan Unger.
Dagelijks zijn er twee lezingen over onderwerpen die Unger na aan het hart lagen. Na de voordrachten is er gelegenheid vragen te stellen aan de sprekers.

The fair will feature an exhibition MARJAN UNGER TRIBUTE curated by John de Greef.
Marjan Unger will also be the focus of attention in the lecture program.
There will be 2 lectures every day that are independent of each other, but together will cover subjects that Marjan found important/interesting.

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Het lezingenprogramma van de beurs is dit jaar, net als de centrale tentoonstelling, gewijd aan de vorig jaar overleden muze en sieradenpromotor Marjan Unger. Dagelijks zijn er twee lezingen over onderwerpen die Unger na aan het hart lagen. Na de voordrachten is er...

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A few catalogue available!

If you would like to receive a catalogue from SIERAAD Art Fair 2017, then please transfer € 15,00 (Europe) €20,00 (rest of the world)  to our bankaccount: NL31RABO 0328 5054 20, EMB&B Art Events, do not forget to put your name and address, se we can send you the catalogue as soon as we received your transfer. If payed by PayPal € 17,00 (Europe) € 22,50 (rest of the world) to


If you want to participate in SIERAAD Art Fair, in 2019, we ask you to do the following:

send us by (ONLY wetransfer) all to be send to; info [at]
* 12-14 good high resolution (min. 330 dpi ) photo’s of your work on a white background OR on a professional model (shoot)
* a CV
* artist’s statement and
* all information on the pieces, materials, prices etc. all information on the pieces, materials etc. in the caption of each picture.

We do not look at any application if we do not receive all as asked up here, we receive so many applications it will take us to many hours to send emails to ask for all items missing in the application.

If we have downloaded your wetransfer you will receive a notification from wetransfer,  so you know we received your application.
We will inform you of our findings in approximately 14 working days after we received the wetransfer map.
Send all between January 10. 2019 – May 25. 2019.

Exhibition times, 7-10 November 2019

Thursday november 7th:
14:00 – 21:00

Friday november 8th:
11:00 – 18:00

Saturday november 9th:
11:00 – 18:00

Sunday november 10th:
11:00 – 18:00

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