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20th edition of SIERAAD Art Fair, May 18-19-20-21 2023. 

The 20th edition of SIERAAD Art Fair will open its doors May 18 at 13.00 hrs. @Westergas Gashouder in Amsterdam. The Gashouder is our location since 2008.  At the right you see our new campaign for this May, designed by Linda Zoon, she used a ring made by Aletta Teunen.  Aletta was inspired by the typical Dutch facades and canal houses, as seen in cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht.                                                                                                                                      We are super happy with this sparkling campaign image. In the coming weeks, we will start introducing some of our participants.


SIERAAD a very special fair where artists from all over the world sell their jewellery directly and in person to shops, galleries and consumers SIERAAD Art Fair presents; unique, personally designed and crafted pieces of jewellery Here, the emphasis is on jewellery as pieces of art in which ideas are packaged in materials such as rubber, textile, photos, plastics, wood or ceramics, as well as silver and gold. Also on display will be traditional pieces of art produced by contemporary silver and goldsmiths. Artist-designers from all corners of the globe, including highly talented emerging designers from internationally acclaimed academies, will be exhibiting exciting work not found anywhere else.

Lisa Walker – jeweller 

Liesbeth den Besten February 2023

To celebrate Jewellery’s 20th anniversary, a festive central exhibition will feature the work of Lisa Walker (1967). Her jewellery is odd, humorous and has an enormous freedom. The New Zealand artist has been active for more than 20 years. In her jewellery she uses remnants of our consumers’ society, and waste from her own workshop or that of others.

A message in paper

SASKIA VAN ES – March 2023

Colour, lots of colour, that is the first thing that strikes you about Ronit Cohen’s jewellery. She rolls strips of paper into a cone or cylinder. The resulting beads get a special layer so they can withstand moisture. And then the composing into jewellery begins. Ronit not only strings the cones, she also sets them upright next to each other. This results in beautifully wide bracelets. The artist finds her paper or buys it in shops. But it is also possible to roll photos or personal texts into a bead. The message is known to the wearer. 

Glass in motion

Saskia van Es – March 2023

Chances are, when you hear the term ‘kinetic jewellery’, you think of Michael Berger’s work. The goldsmith creates jewellery with parts that swing around each other. A ring with two boat-shaped pieces a pearl, for example, which are stacked differently with every movement you make.

The fragile skeleton of a cactus.

SASKIA VAN ES – February 2023

The fragile skeleton of a cactus

Sophie van Dooren is a young jewellery artist. She deals with the theme of fragility. It involves the uncertainties of our times, such as the pressure humanity puts on nature. In 2021, she experienced the floods in her home region of Limburg, the Netherlands

The possibilit of new beginnings

Saskia van Es – 23 february 2023

The name Nobahar has Persian origins and means ‘New Spring’. Very appropriate for jewellery that represents new ideas and rebirth. Sogand Nobahar, the artist behind Nobahar Design Milano, is from Tehran and now lives in Italy. Her first bracelet was about violence against women. The cross-section features a lotus flower, symbolising growth from muddy waters to the light. 

Textiles and jewellery: literally a strong combination

By: Saskia Kolff- van Es

The combination of textile and jewellery remains a very strong one. Because textile is so colourful? Because it moulds to the body? Because it is comfortable and protects you? Because it is slow art, made by endlessly repeating certain actions? This year, we can indulge ourselves. At least four artists use the primal material in their jewellery.






Few catalogue available!

If you would like to receive a catalogue from SIERAAD Art Fair 2019 then please transfer € 15,00 (Europe) €22,00 (rest of the world) to our bankaccount: NL31RABO 0328 5054 20, EMB&B Art Events, do not forget to put your name and address, se we can send you the catalogue as soon as we received your transfer. If payed by PayPal € 17,00 (Europe) € 23,50 (rest of the world) to


If you want to participate in SIERAAD Art Fair, in 2023, we ask you to do the following: send us by WETRANSFER (ONLY wetransfer) all to be send to; info [at]

  • 10-12 good high resolution (min. 330 dpi ) photo’s of your work on a white background OR on a professional model (shoot)
  • a CV
  • artist’s statement and
  • all information on the pieces, materials, prices etc. all information on the pieces, materials etc. in the caption of each picture.

We do not look at any application if we do not receive all as asked up here, we receive so many applications it will take us to many hours to send emails to ask for all items missing in the application.

If we have downloaded your wetransfer you will receive a notification from wetransfer,  so you know we received your application. We will inform you of our findings in approximately 14 working days after we received the wetransfer map.
Send all before – November 25. 2022, as in  2023 stand prices will go up.    4m2 stand cost about € 2490,00



My City Napoli wide cuff, Sintered nylon powder.
Photo credit= Belvedere communicazione A.


Rings, Lynx, Wolf




Kinetic ring, stainless steel, white gold 750, dichroic glass,
micro ball bearings



Het virtuele sieraad. Virtual jewellery

Het virtuele sieraad. Virtual jewellery

Virtual jewellery. Twenty years ago, Tjep. stood out with a pendant consisting of 100 stacked gold logos in the shape of a cross. Brands were the new religion. Now Tjep. has re-released this piece of jewellery. The logos have changed too. Besides Unilever and MTV,...

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Testimonial by Liisa Hashimoto, Japan

I have been exhibiting at Sieraad for five years now, sharing the stand with Iris from Insync Design. Every year I enjoy meeting all the artists from different countries, and meeting every year is like a reunion. In Japan, unfortunately, contemporary jewelry is not known too much to the public, so it is a good opportunity for me to see other artists’ works and exchanging information about the jewelry. As to the customers coming to Sieraad, I find many of them coming back every year. And usually they will kindly come back to our stand and enjoy looking at our new works of art. So, I try to show my works in a different way with different themes every year, always discussing with Iris how to display our stand. By exhibiting at Sieraad, I have been learning and thinking about the way of showing and selling my pieces, combining one-off pieces and production lines. It is not easy, but it is a good experience for me. Exhibiting at Sieraad is always my pleasure every year.

Liisa Hashimoto

Testimonial by Rachel Butlin, GB

First of all I would just like to say a huge thank you to Astrid and Maarten for an amazing show and time at Sieraad this year! Sieraad is a show I’ve always dreamed about being at and I was overjoyed this year to be accepted to exhibit. From day one the communication and organisation has been above and beyond and definitely made the lead up to the show alot easier as a first time overseas exhibitor. The show exceeded my expectations in every way from set up to visual appearance, visitors and response to my work. There was a wonderful mix of visitors from affluent public to international galleries, bringing a wealth of interest to our stand. I feel that the stand appearance and layout gives great visual variety and allows each participant to create their own stamp on the show by choosing colour and layout, which definitely sets this apart from other shows I’ve done. It was such a great pleasure to meet, network and socialise with so many other participants, creating relationships im sure will last on into the future. I was overjoyed with the response of my work at the show and it was lovely to receive such lovely comments and feedback from the Dutch public. Sieraad isn’t just a show, its a wonderful experience full amazing exhibitors, warm smiles, stunning jewellery and great visitors. Once again I would like to thank you all for such a great experience and i look forward to hopefully showing again with you soon.

Rachel Butlin

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