The lightest jewelry in the world?

The lightest jewelry in the world?

The lightest jewelry in the world?

Doris Berner’s work is misleading: the delicate fabric pods are not as fragile as they look. A special process ensures that textile becomes a strong jewellery material.

Doris Berner, a Swiss-born designer, is renowned for her groundbreaking creations using silk and modern fabrics, often incorporating stones or glass for added intrigue. Her latest collection, “Lucy,” epitomizes lightweight design, featuring pieces like a necklace weighing less than an ounce, focusing on pure spatial form and shifting colors. Inspired by the Japanese Shibori technique, Berner’s advanced methods have carved a unique niche in jewelry design. Her work has gained international recognition, cementing her position as a leading innovator in the field.

Pinot blue

Like berries, the shimmering blue elements seem to have sprouted from the jewelry. The organic shapes and lively asymmetry give this necklace its special character. The necklace is made of a soft high-quality microfiber. The memory effect of the dimensional stability is amazing. All my objects are pressure resistant as well as easy to clean.

length 68 cm, weight 6 g

Bubbles Lucy

The colorfully woven organza lends this object its cheerfulness. The classic pearl necklace – brought into a new contemporary form. The necklace consists of three intertwined fine chains that reflect the light in different color gradients to create a festive shine.

Lucy is named after the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. Diamonds are gone – what remains is the pure idea of the object, its mere volume, its vibrant color and – poetry.
outer diameter: 26 cm, weight 3 g


Golden shimmering this necklace radiates a special elegance. The lightness in relation to the sensual volume is surprising and gives the necklace a majestic charm. Gently shining like moonstone in a milky tone, the mellow shapes beguile and nestle around the neck.

With its opulent volume, the necklace is despite its lightness one of the largest among my designs.

outer diameter 24 cm, weight 10 g


Luminosa captivates in the truest sense of the word by its lightness, the transparency, and the colored light reflexes of its two intertwined chains. The exclusive hand-dyed fabric was specially produced for Parisian Haute Couture and gives the jewelry its ethereal character. The production is extremely expensive, and its price exceeds that of gold. Using this precious and noble fabric, the technique developed by debe achieves its highest form: A touch of nothing.

outer diameter 21 cm, weight 2 g

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