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18 October 2020

Normally speaking, we would have been quite busy in this period tying up loose ends for SIERAAD. In view of the current circumstances this time has now been spent to update the SIERAAD website and in doing so create an impetus for SIERAAD 2021 at the same time. Actually, we quietly assume that we will be able to organize the 19th edition next year and receive all of you as visitors and participants.

We would like to draw your attention to a new item on the website, Art For Sale, where you can find special and unusual objects from our gallery past, which we offer exclusively at competitive prices.

Years ago we used to run a gallery and we still have a number of beautiful glass vases from that period, all of them hand-blown and limited editions from Murano/Italy. There are also a few special objects by Volker Kühn. Because we are living in such strange times I finally had the time to put them online, so that they now are for sale at very interesting an sharp prices.


by: Laura de Santillana
4x BAMBU vases


by: Anna Gili 
Multi-coloured glass vase Canneto

Volker Kühn

title: Tight Rope

Volker Kühn

title: Welcome

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