Lecture Wallace Chan

Lecture by Wallace Chan from Hong Kong.

We are proud to announce the well-known jewelry artist Wallace Chan from Hong Kong, will collaborate with SIERAAD Art Fair.

Mr. Wallace Chan will give a lecture for about max. 100 people in coöperation with Chequita Nahar who is the Dean of De Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, were this very special lecture will be held on Monday March 9 2020 at 14.00 hrs.
Secure your tickets; https://shop.eventix.io/e12aa350-a082-11e8-9a88-5dda9f19b898/tickets

Jewellery artist Wallace Chan will return to TEFAF Maastricht for the fifth consecutive year with a presentation centred around the theme of time. Entitled ‘The Keeper of Time’, the exhibition will feature around 25 jewellery creations handpicked by the artist to convey his thoughts and feelings about time.
The highlight of the exhibition @TEFAF is ?Keeper of Time?, a necklace juxtaposing the artist’s most recent innovation, the Wallace Chan Porcelain, with his vintage carving creations from over 30 years ago. Gemstones, memories from different times, are revisited and given new life; they are indispensable links in the long chain of time that connects the past and the present.

A little more about Wallace Chan you can read: http://wallace-chan.com/welcome/#the-journey

Development of The Wallace Chan Porcelain took seven years, but one could say the process was several decades in the making. The Wallace Chan Porcelain is five times stronger than steel. Heavily rooted in culture and history, the material has rich color, intense lustre, strength, toughness and a contemporary spirit. All innovations: http://wallace-chan.com/innovations/#wallace-cut

More on Chan: https://www.christies.com/features/Wallace-Chan-Studio-Visit-8612-3.aspx

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