Sint Lucas Antwerp stand 79

2 November 2018

From Walter to Astrid

A project by Studio jewelery and research platform Precious Dialogue in collaboration with Walter Fischer GmbH & Co. KG

Studio jewelery and research platform Precious Dialogue cordially invite you to the presentation of ‘From Walter to Astrid’ at the SIERAAD Art Fair in Amsterdam. From 8 to 11 November, students, researchers and designers will show – at the invitation of organizers Astrid Berens and Maarten Bodt – jewelry that they have made with Walter Fischer chains. This company of machine-produced chains donated more than four hundred meters of chain, each participant of which received ten meters to design a portable jewelery. ‘From Walter to Astrid’ fits within the research project Speaking Jewelery that explores the concept of jewelery: which artistic qualities, such as portability, gloss or detailing, make an object a jewelery item?

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