2 October 2018

Catering during the fair:

This year we are working again with our trusted partners, Sla-gerei and Bitter & Real, two fantastic food trucks with fresh and delicious products. Coen van Dijk, founder of Sla-gerei, has been running for a while. Once started behind the stove of the prestigious Amstel Hotel. That white brigade exchanged for setting up a brasserie at Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg. Then the Michelin stars left behind to deepen his curiosity about quality at Slagerij de Leeuw, a concept in Amsterdam and surroundings. In the end, Coen combined his love for meat and salads, fresh and healthy.
And Bitter & Real by Laura and Minos is known for his fantastic coffee: Coffee, also known as ‘the black gold’ is our favorite ‘drug’. The green seeds are grown and processed in countries around the equator. There is a lot of difference in the quality and taste of all different coffees, and the processing, transport and burning also affect the taste and quality of your cup of coffee. Serious coffee with a lot of flavor, with a lot of attention especially put for you. We work with self-roasted, first-class single estate or single origin coffees. This means that the coffee (arabica only) comes from one region or one plantation. Our micro lot coffee even comes from a single field. We think it is important that the farmer gets a good price for his coffee. We work via direct trade, which goes far beyond fair trade. This method of purchasing is based on personal contact with the farmers and the washing stations. In order to further improve the quality and consistency of the coffee, we often support projects for training coffee farmers and investments in processing facilities. On our cool Kees van der Westen Spirit espresso machine, the most delicious espresso’s etc are placed with high precision.

We are looking forward to having fantastic coffee and fresh and delicious meals!

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