SIERAAD: the magic is in the mix

7 February 2018

SIERAAD: the magic is in the mix

SIERAAD Art Fair is: a very special fair where artists from all over the world sell their jewellery directly and in person.

SIERAAD Art Fair presents: unique, personally designed and crafted pieces of jewellery. Here, the emphasis is on jewellery as pieces of art in which ideas are packaged in materials such as rubber, textile, photos, plastics, wood or ceramics, as well as silver and gold. Also on display will be traditional pieces of art produced by contemporary silver and goldsmiths. Artist-designers from all corners of the globe, including highly talented emerging designers from internationally acclaimed academies, will be exhibiting exciting work not found anywhere else.

SIERAAD Art Fair brings: you into first-hand contact with the buyer. And it’s this personal contact that makes SIERAAD Art Fair (SAF) so fascinating. You hear the wearer’s and how she he is experiencing your pieces, and you can add your own story as the maker. This is what distinguishes SAF from the usual fairs and gallery presentations.

SIERAAD Art Fair is growing: In 2001, 20 jewellery artists took part; today, this has grown to more than 180 artists from 30 countries. Last year, more than 6500 people visited the fair. Purchasing behaviour increases every year: in 2016, by 33%. Many exhibitors also make and sell pieces during the year following the fair. SAF is growing into an event attracting international visitors. Last year, not less than 35% of the visitors came from other countries.

SIERAAD Art Fair is for: everyone who wears jewellery or gives it as a gift. Jewellery says something about a person’s life. Worn in close contact with your own body, jewellery has links with personal memories. A unique, handmade piece of jewellery adds yet another dimension. Price should hold no one back; SAF has pieces of jewellery for every budget. For round eighty euros, you can have something truly special. SAF is a meeting point for professionals who want to keep up with the latest trends: for collectors, museum curators, galleries, press & media, event organizers, jewelry schools, people from the fashion world, and trendwatchers and many (inter)national colleagues and a great passionate public. SAF is a Mecca for collectors. The fact that these miniature sculptures can be held in the palm of your hand makes the easy to collect, and their prices are relatively low. At the moment, anyway, because as more and more people see jewellery as art, auctions, too, are taking an interest in this niche market.

SIERAAD Art Fair wants: to get a wider public excited about contemporary jewellery as art. The art of jewellery is flourishing, and the Netherlands is playing a leading role in this. Since the 1960s, expensive jewellery available from jewellers and mass-produced fashion accessories have been joined by a new genre: the unique piece of jewellery as art. But not everyone knows about this yet.

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